V-Moda M-100 Review

V-Moda set out to create a set of headphones by going to the source - people who use headphones every day and have specific needs that hadn't been answered by most manufacturers out there.  With the information they gathered, they set out to make the perfect set of headphones.  Did they succeed?  Click the Read More to get the full rundown on the V-Moda M100's. Continue reading

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Beyerdynamic T90

Beyerdynamic T90 Review

Beyerdynamic is one of the very few companies where every product I've reviewed I've liked. They literally do not make a product that is "bad", at least as far as I've tried. That doesn't mean that some won't prefer one sound signature over another, but rather it's a choice of tastes. Regardless of your tastes, I think everyone would be missing out on a slice of audiophile heaven if they don't give the T90's a try. Click the read more to get my written thoughts or watch my full video review. Continue reading

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Black Friday Deals on Headphones

Sennheiser CX200 Review

The Sennheiser CX200 is a definite upgrade from any stock headphones you've received with your portable music player, with the exception of anything that shipped with some of the beats headphones. That being said, if the price is right (maybe $15 or less - Amazon commonly runs sales on these), then they are definitely worth a look. To get my complete breakdown of the CX200's, click read more below. Continue reading

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Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator Review

The Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviators really surprised me. After having reviewed the Beats Studios which cost 2x the price brand new, I was curious as to how these would perform. These ended up being one of my favorite sets of headphones for a number of reasons. Click read more to get my complete thoughts on this incredible set of over the ear headphones. Continue reading

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JLabs JBuds J3 In Ear Headphones

JLabs J3 Review

We all know the most popular manufacturers of headphones. You have Bose, who probably markets themselves better than any other manufacturer out there, Klipsch, Dr. Dre, Ultimate Ears, Sennheiser, and the list goes on. When I see a product get as many reviews as the JLabs J3 have received and yet they are a little known company, I like to see what all the hoopla is about. One of my buddies from theDailyETF.com purchased these and let me give them a spin. Read on to get my take on these things.

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Beats Studio by Dr. Dre Review

The Beats headphones by Dr. Dre is probably one of the most popular line of headphones out there today. Monster and Dr. Dre have done an incredible job with marketing and they've created a very nice product. While the Beats Studios do have some flaws, their combination of comfort, isolation and mostly solid audio quality have landed them in a great position in the public eye. To find out exactly what shined and what could use improvement, click read more to see the full review. Continue reading

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