Overall Favorite Headphones

I OFTEN get asked which headphones are my very favorite.  Just a quick note on this list – these are my favorite for their neutrality, their ability to play well on any given genre, comfort, etc.  So, these are for those who are looking for accuracy, resolution, overall audio fidelity.  So without further ado, here we go:

The Beyerdynamic T1’s are to date, my very favorite set of headphones. Incredibly comfortable, perfect soundstage, truly involving, delicate and detailed presentation – an absolute joy to experience. You can check out the full video review here:Beyerdynamic T1 Review
The Beyerdynamic T90’s are a steal when you consider they sound about 95% as good as the T1’s and cost less than half the price. Not only that, but they are a bit more versatile in that they work well with every genre thrown at them. I wish they had the velour pads but that’s really the only quibble I had with them. That puts them squarely in the #2 slot for me. You can see the full video review here:Beyerdynamic T90 Review
The Beyerdynamic T5p’s are the best closed set of headphones I’ve experienced to date. They have a tremendous soundstage especially for a closed set and they excel at every type of genre. Considering they have a very low impedance and can be driven relatively well with any standard portable media player, these are indeed a special set of headphones. You can see the full video review of the T5p’s here:Beyerdynamic T5p Review
Continuing the run of Beyerdynamics that seem to dominate my list, the DT880’s are a fantastic set of neutral headphones. Like the T1’s, the velour pads are ultra-comfortable and the sound is neutral and pure. The T1’s best the DT880’s in soundstage and ultimate resolution, but the DT880’s are the best I’ve heard in the price range.Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium Review
The Grado SR80i’s are your gateway drug to what true audio fidelity is all about without breaking the bank. I have the original SR80’s and they’re single handedly responsible for putting me on this journey to find all the greatest headphones out there. While these won’t please bass heads, those who crave accuracy, great soundstage and a warm sound will definitely find themselves warming up to these.
Still one of my very favorite headphones to date – outside the T5p, the are my favorite set of closed headphones and I still put them on and enjoy their sound. They have a slight bass boost, a touch recessed midrange and an ultra detailed treble that I personall don’t find fatiguing – still one of the very best anywhere near their price range. You can see the full video review here:Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Review
The Voxoa Wireless HD Headphones were an absolute surprise to me. I did NOT expect to get this type of sound out of a bluetooth set of headphones. The bass is incredible, the mids are full and lush and the highs, while not as detailed as most headphones I like, do a nice job and never sound fatiguing. Did I mention these might be the most comfortable set of headphones I’ve ever worn?! Honestly, the combination of convenience, comfort and sound is absolutely incredible at this price. You should do yourself and favor and buy these if you have a smartphone!Check out the full review of the Voxoa HD Wireless Headphones
When it comes to excellent sound quality and great noise cancellation, the ANC9’s are the best I’ve tried. They are on par with the Bose QC15’s in terms of noise cancellation but destroy them in terms of audio fidelity. My favorite set of noise canceling headphones I’ve heard so far.

Here’s a full review of the ANC9’s.

Here’s a comparison review of the ANC9’s, the ANC7b’s, and the Bose QC15.