Best In Ear Headphones

This is my listing of in ear headphones I recommend and will be updated as I do more reviews.

Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10

Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10

These are triple armature headphones (have three speakers) and man do they sing.  I’ve listened to some great sounding headphones over the years, and to date, these are the best sounding in ears and probably in my top three overall for any type of headphone.  The soundstage is superb, the bass, midrange and treble is smooth as butter, the subtle details in music you’ve probably not even heard before will surface, and they are comfortable to wear.  The only knock on these have been their build quality as there have been issues with the wires, but for pure sound, these can compete at any price level.

Check out more information on the  TripleFi 10’s here .

Hippo VB

Hippo VB with Comply Foam Tips

For those who love bass, and not just the boomy kind, but pure, accurate, awesome bass but still want a headphone that is well balanced through the midrange and the treble, it’s going to be hard to beat the Hippo VB’s, especially for their price of $80.  I’ve seen on other sites where they are compared to headphones that cost 3-5x as much saying that their bass is that accurate.  Unlike most headphones that advertise having “great bass”, these don’t boost the output at 80 or 100Hz.  Rather, these have a nearly flat response through the entire curve, and these will go LOW.  Listening to these is about the equivalent of listening to a home audio sub in the $1,000 and up range.  They really do need to be experienced to understand.  If you get a set of these, I recommend also springing for a set of Comply Foam Tips as they give the best fit and sound possible with the Hippos.  If the soundstage on the Hippos was better, these would probably be my absolute favorites.

Buy Hippo VB’s here .