V-Moda M-100 Review

V-Moda set out to create a set of headphones by going to the source - people who use headphones every day and have specific needs that hadn't been answered by most manufacturers out there.  With the information they gathered, they set out to make the perfect set of headphones.  Did they succeed?  Click the Read More to get the full rundown on the V-Moda M100's. Continue reading

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Fiio X3

Fiio X3 Review – Affordable Audiophile Portable Media Player

Most people listen to music on their smartphones or iPods because it's easy, they always have it, and it mostly sounds pretty good.  There are those however, who want more than pretty good.  There are people who are fanatical about the quality of the music they listen to, and for those people, they've been craving something more.  Fiio has come to answer the call with the Fiio X3 audiophile portable media player.  Check out the full article to find out our thoughts on the X3. Continue reading

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Beyerdynamic T90

Beyerdynamic T90 Review

Beyerdynamic is one of the very few companies where every product I've reviewed I've liked. They literally do not make a product that is "bad", at least as far as I've tried. That doesn't mean that some won't prefer one sound signature over another, but rather it's a choice of tastes. Regardless of your tastes, I think everyone would be missing out on a slice of audiophile heaven if they don't give the T90's a try. Click the read more to get my written thoughts or watch my full video review. Continue reading

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Fiio E9

Get the Fiio E9 here

If you're the type of person who loves to listen to music and doesn't want to disturb everyone around you, then a desktop headphone amplifier may be the solution for you. The Fiio E9 is a high quality desktop headphone amplifier that won't break the bank but will drive any set of headphones regardless of how power hungry they may seem. Click read more to find out more about this amplifier. Continue reading

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Fiio E17 Review

The E17 is Fiio's latest headphone amplifier that is both a DAC (digital analog converter) and a headphone amplifier.  Why is this special?  Well, if you have a computer with a lackluster soundcard and you long for a great sound, this could be your answer.  Not only can you hook this up to your computer, you can also plug into any sound source that has a digital output, either optical or digital.

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