Comply Foam Tip Tx Series with Wax Guard Review

So you bought a set of in ear headphones and you just can’t seem to get the right seal, or maybe they’re just flat out uncomfortable.  You’ve been excited about purchasing those headphones for months only to be let down by something you just can’t bring yourself to use due to the comfort or sound quality.  Well, there might be a solution to your problem, and one that really isn’t all that expensive.  Enter the Comply Foam tips for your in ear headphones.  Are these things worth their $20 asking price (for the Tx series with the wax guards)?  Read on to get my thoughts on these accessories.

So, chances are, if you’re like me, you started looking for a way to fix a problem with a set of in ear monitors that you purchased.  Either they weren’t sealing quite right, they just weren’t sounding great, or maybe they were just plain uncomfortable.  Well, for me, the decision that drove me to purchasing a set of these was the fact that the Crossroad Hippo VB’s I ordered sounded great, but they created such a compression in my ears that with every little movement I felt a clicking in my ear.  The ear tips that were provided with my Hippos created such an air-tight suction that they were literally uncomfortable to wear.  They fit perfectly, but unlike most tips that come with IEM’s, these didn’t seem to allow for any breathing room at all for your ear.

Old and New

Six month old set on left and new set on the right

So in steps the Comply Foam Tips.  First, just so you’re aware, you’re not paying $20 for one set of tips.  You’re actually receiving three pairs of tips.  So, that may still sound a bit steep at roughly $7/pair, but after months of owning these tips, I have to say they were worth every penny.  Would I spring for the Tx Series with the wax guards again?  I’m not sure if I’ll do that the next time or not, but what I can tell you is at least with the wax guards I don’t have to worry about some ear funk getting down into the speakers on my IEM’s.  The truth is I keep my ears fairly clean, but there’s really nothing you can do to keep all the wax from your ears from creeping down into your headphones.  If your ears are that pristine, more power to you, but most normal people might appreciate the extra protection that the wax guard provides.

So, how well do these things seal?  Well, that’s the beauty of the Comply Foam Tips.  These things provide an absolutely fantastic seal, without the discomfort my Hippos had with the stock tips provided.  The seal is so good, that the I was able to start using my headphones for workouts whereas before they’d

Hippo VB with Comply Foam Tips

consistently fall out about every five minutes.  Also, these things seal well enough to block out all but the loudest of sounds.  If you find yourself in noisy areas, these will be a great addition to any set of headphones.  One of the reasons these tips seal so well is due to the fact that you compress them down, insert them into your ears, and they expand to fit snuggly in your ear canal.  I’ve never felt any discomfort while using the Comply Foam Tips and that is a major part of why I love these things so much.

How about the sound?  Do the wax guards block out any sound?  Well, in short, I didn’t notice any loss in sound quality.  As far as I could determine, the wax guards had no negative impact on the sound coming from the Hippos.  The bass was still just as deep and crisp and the mids and highs didn’t seem to lose anything.  Everything still sounded balanced and full, and the fact that I no longer had the problem caused by the suction of the stock tips, I was able to sit back and enjoy the music.

Compatibility – Unless you absolutely know which tips fit your own IEM’s, I highly recommend visiting the Comply Foam website as they have a product finder tool that will tell you exactly what you need for your own set of headphones, even if you do plan on buying from Amazon or another third party vendor.

Recommendation – If you’re even considering a set of these, go ahead and make the leap.  You won’t be disappointed.  From the incredible seal they provide, to the unrivaled comfort, to the extra protection they provide your IEM’s, I’d have to say they are worth every penny of the $20 asking price.  I found for exercise that wearing the Hippos in the over-the-ear configuration with these Comply Tips, they never once came loose and the sound quality is what I expected from one of my favorite pairs of headphones.

Hippo VB with Comply Foam Tip - View of Wax Guard

This is a headphone accessory I can whole-heartedly recommend.

If you’ve been considering getting a set of the Comply Foam tips and this review helped, please use my link below to make your purchase from Amazon as I will make a small commission.  We only recommend products we’ve used and would buy (or have bought) ourselves.  Thank you, and as always, please leave any questions or comments below as we’d love to hear from you.


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