In Ear Headphone Replacement Tips – Finding Tips that will Work for You

I’ve purchased a number of sets of headphones both for pleasure sake as well as for reviews, and in the process of all these acquisitions, I’ve found tips that I absolutely loved and have worked well for other sets of headphones.  Follow the link to find out about some of my favorite sets of ear tips as well as how to find out which ones might work for various sets of headphones.

First, I’ve already written a review of the Comply Foam tips.  The Comply Foam tips are one of my favorite sets of in ear tips because they’re both comfortable and great sounding.  Another thing I love about Comply is their website at  If you visit their site, you can quickly find which tips would be interchangeable between headphones by simply selecting the manufacturer of the headphones and seeing which set of Comply Foam tips fit for a set of headphones.  This comes in handy as you can quickly find which Comply Foam Tips will work for your headphones, but you can also use this to your advantage if you have a set of tips that happen to fit you very well, you can quickly cross-check those with another set of headphones, see if the Comply tips are the same for both headphones, and you’ll pretty much know if you have a match.

For example, one of my absolute favorite set of in ear tips are the Triple-Flange tips that ship with many MEElectronics headphones, found here: A151 Triple Flange Tips.  Once on the Comply Foam site, I can Shop for foam tips, choose MEElectronics, choose the A151 and I’ll see that the T-100 line fit these headphones (those are the narrower standard for in ear headphones).  Generally speaking, any other set of headphones that fits the T-100 line of comply tips will also work with the A151 Triple Flange tips as well.  I say generally speaking simply because that holds true most of the time, however some headphones are shaped slightly differently and may not be as tight and therefore you might have to make some sort of adjustments to the tips to get them to fit snugly.  But if you find a set of in ear tips that you love and you’d like to be able to use the on another set of headphones, I’d jump over to the Comply Foam website and do some cross-checking to see if they’ll work for your other headphones.

Comply Foam Website Selector

Comply Foam Website Selector

So you’re probably wondering, “Why go through all that?  Why not just buy the tips from Comply?”  That’s a perfectly legitimate question.  I have answers.  One – the equivalent tips from MEElectronics are $5 for a set of three of the triple flange tips.  That’s an absolutely phenomenal deal.  Plus, to some, some tips just fit better than others.  One of my good friends has tiny ear canals and the triple flanges are the only tips he’s found that fit comfortably in his ears.  He’s tried the comply foam tips and while they worked better than the stock tips that shipped with his headphones, he found that the triple flanges (that came with a set of my headphones) worked better for him.  So I sold the tips to him for a couple bucks and he’s now enjoying his music and headphones now that they’re comfortable and don’t fall out.

I hope this has given you some ideas of what you can do to improve the fit and feel of your existing headphones.  If you have a quality set of in ear headphones and you’re just looking to get a better fit and seal, do a little bit of research and you may find that you’ll be able to improve the listening experience of your headphones at a minimal cost.


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